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How to release your message through ?

1、To hit "release" button at the home page

2.Enter into the Release page and fill information accordingly. Remark: the marked * item must be required. Note: please make the right choice as your real needs between " Exchange of way" and "Supply and Demand". If wrong, you could not revise it. For example, when releasing Spot goods message, you should choose" Authorization" under the option of “Exchange of way” and "Supply" under “Supply and Demand”.

Others information can be filled by your choice. The more details you fill, the more business opportunities you get. Fully and clear information will help customers better learn goods realistic circumstance to quickly reach the deal. There are at least 3 clear and High-pixel pictures about the products, including product simple photo, stocks photo and factory photo. The pictures size should be at lease 650*590px.

3、Click “Submit”. 

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