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Legal notices

Welcome to hereinafter referred to as “ This website”). We declare our commitment to the privacy protection of our visitors in this Privacy Policy. Considering the specifically of website, users can't avoid interaction directly or indirectly. Therefore, this document are used to state how we collect, use and protect users' information. You must read carefully:

1. Through your IP Address to get non-personal information.

For example, your Internet Explorer, operating system, and domain name and so on, all those are used to optimize your page. Via collecting these information, we will make a statistics to improve our management and service.

2. Personal data

2.1 When you registered or transacted in, you will be required to provide some of your personal information. These information includes the followings:

2.2 Personal Identification data: such as user-name, company name, contact person, phone number, mailing address, home address and so on.

2.3 Please informed that without your agreement or confirmation, we will protect the information we posses from being lost or misused. If we are required to provide your information under laws or according to the requirements of the government , we will disclose your information in good faith.

3. Information safety

3.1 Our website has in place security measures to protect the information we possess from being lost, misused or altered.

3.2 If necessary, our website will authorize the computer specialists to deal with the data we posses. So if the notice of computer handling is delivered to you, and you are not give us the feedback within the required time, we will default to agreement. But you still have the right to ask for stop the computer handling as in the Agreement 4.1.4.

4. Client Rights

4.1 You have the following rights regarding your personal information.

4.2 Check or read all the time.

4.3 Append or amend at any time.

4.4 Ask for delete information at any moment.

4.5 Making requests for stop computer handling or using.

4.6 The above rights, you can send email to for service.

5.Limited using rules

Only when you agree one of the following rules, will be authorized to forward your personal information to others:

5.1 With your written permission;

5.2 Protecting your life, body and property;

5.3 Preventing serious infringement of others’ legitimate rights and interests

5.4 Improving the need of public interest, which is no harmful to your own interests.

6.Disclosure of personal information

If we are required to provide your information under the requirements of the government, we will follow the administrative departments' requirements or for the purpose of public safety to disclose your information. In this case, we will take no responsibilities.

7. Disclaimer

Besides the above term of 6, the following situations are also exempted from liability:

7.1 If you give your password or share your register account to others, you have to be responsible for the reveal of your personal data.

7.2 Personal information are revealed, due to any computer year problem, hacker attack, computer virus, temporary closure caused by the government regulation and any other force majesty that affecting the operation of the website, we will be irresponsible for the problem.

7.3 This website contains links to other websites. Because of personal information missing, any legal disputes and results are caused by these links or the privacy protection measures, you shall contact with coordinator of zaisubao.

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