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We promise
We promise

1. ZAISUBAO guarantees that the products sold are all in stock and enjoy quality assurance.

2. You purchase the product at ZAISUBAO, we will guarantee the security of the transaction information, and the ZAISUBAO staff will handle your order.

3. Under no circumstances will ZAISUBAO sell your personal and order information to any third party (except for legal recall by national jurisdictions).

4. The risk of the transportation process is subject to the contractual agreement between the two parties. If you receive the goods in case of damage or loss, as long as the statement is made on the spot and relevant evidence is issued, ZAISUBAO will assist the purchaser to return the goods.

5. When you pay for the goods at ZAISUBAO, the amount of the goods is managed by the third party bank.

Terms of the transaction

Buyers are obligated to comply with the following terms of the transaction when purchasing products and accepting shipping.

Before placing an order under the plastic market of ZAISUBAO, please read the following terms carefully:

1. Please clearly and accurately fill in your real name, shipping address and contact information. The supplier will not be liable for delays or failure to deliver the order due to the following conditions:

A. The product are delivered without signature;

B. Provide error information and unclear addresses;

C. Force majeure, such as: natural disasters, traffic control, sudden wars, etc.

2. The price of the purchased product is based on the price of the Plastic market on ZAISUBAO when you place the order.

3. If the order under normal conditions is canceled due to customer reasons and the payment is required, you will be responsible for the relevant transaction fee.

4. The supplier guarantees the outer packaging of the product at the time of shipment. Please check the invoice and product on the spot carefully when the goods are received. If the product is found to be missing or damaged, please contact the customer service 0311-89925617 with the delivery staff of ZAISUBAO on spot; If the package is found to be damaged and the goods are damaged during transportation, please indicate and reject it on the spot. Please call the customer service after rejection.If you have signed the receipt or signed it on behalf of others, it will be regarded as the product packaging, the quantity and content of the products are correct, ZAISUBAO will not be able to accept the return service

5. Exemption: If the force majeure happen and ZAISUBAO can not be controlled, the online plastic market system of ZAISUBAO collapses or can not be used normally, resulting in online transactions can not be completed or lost information, records, etc., re-pocket online spot city We will assist in dealing with the aftermath as much as possible and strive to protect our customers from economic losses.

6. Customer supervision: The plastic market of ZAISUBAO hopes to provide customers with the best service through unremitting efforts, and then accept the supervision of customers in the whole process of providing services to customers.

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