Small investment market
Q:What’s the difference between Zaisubao Member & Free Member?
A:You can view all products details only if you log in and being as free member,but only for qualified member can access all privately dealers’ contract details while inaccessible for free member. While User information can be ranked by priority at Zaisubao homepage.
Q:I had paid for Zaisubao member registration, is it available to join in spot mall now?
A:You can join in spot mall only if you had been Zaisubao member and owning products in stock.
Q:May I trade with the supplier without Zaisubao platform even if I had been Zaisubao Member?
A:It‘s OK, you can view the supplier’s contract details at the product page, then you trade with buyers directly and all the buyers can trade with no worries and Zaisubao always operating with integrity of management and reliable to you all.
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